Expertise with Care & Attention to Detail

Our film set experience and superior personal training knowledge allow us to create amazing physical transformations to get the look and performance that’s right for the characters on screen. Our unique training methods produce high levels of fitness and performance, injury prevention and maintenance to avoid filming delays.

Service is always managed with a single point of contact 24/7. David Kingsbury's, Film Fitness, has the reputation as a trusted team of trainers working on some of the biggest films in the last decade. Incredible results come from knowledge, development of technique and adaptable training, which means working around the demands of hectic filming schedules.

Our Services


It’s critical to design training that is perfectly balanced for effective results. Our clients are made to feel comfortable and confident in performing the correct movements for their ability avoiding injury and training fatigue.


It’s important to understand that whether you need a lean looking body or one that’s strong, lean and muscular, having an excellent understanding of nutrition is vital to achieving those polar opposite goals.


We completely manage every aspect of training with the end goal in mind so that the cast can focus on their immediate and more important tasks. Our management always exceeds expectation from improved stunt performance to “hard to believe” physical results on screen.


As you would imagine nutrition is planned & calculated with all preferences covered including Vegetarian & Vegan food choices, allergies also taken into consideration to avoid downtime due to poorly planned food options.

Based At Pinewood Studios,
 We Have A Global Reach.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service for our client-partners from planning to training & nutrition. All delivered with skill and expertise.